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Word from the Headmaster

2019-2020 Back to school letter


The administrative and pedagogical teams are very happy to welcome you for this new back to school day and wish you an excellent 2019-2020 school year.


Your choice of the Lycée Français International de Bangkok is a testimony to the trust you have placed in the school’s teaching staff and its reputation. More broadly, it also shows, the confidence you have in French education and the attachment to the AEFE’s exceptional network.


On the pedagogical front, primary language teaching is further developed in English (EMILE scheme – British International Section) and enriched with the training of Thai.


Regarding the secondary level, the reform of the high school is being implemented in 2nd and 1st grade classes, with continuous on-going assessments starting this year in 1st grade to prepare our students for the new baccalaureate in the 2021 session.


The project of the institution integrates the priority objective of the success and development of all our students, it also formalises the importance of languages in our English-speaking environment. The English training occupies an important place, the lessons are reinforced and diversified the level obtained by our primary pupils is excellent. Certifications in the other languages taught are available: DELF PRIM for non-French-speakers, Cambridge for non-English-speakers. Certifications are also available in Chinese (HSK) and Spanish (DELE).


In terms of school life, many shows, concerts and events are organised (LFIB night, theatre performance at the Alliance Française, Asian Rugby Cup and Asian Soccer Cup) and contribute fully to the reputation of the establishment.


The success of our students depends on the exceptional commitment of the teachers. Of course, it also depends on the interest, support, follow-up and encouragement of their parents.


In a context of a regulated establishment, the participation of parents has a particular dimension, since many powers are vested in a Management Committee, particularly in terms of budgetary and financial management. This status leads to a joint and complementary sharing of decisions, for the proper functioning of the institution. We call on volunteering parents to put their skills at the service of the school, within the Management Committee (or the commissions attached to it), throughout the educational bodies (Primary School Council, School Council), or as representatives of the students’ parents in the different classes.


The management team has been partially renewed for this new school year with the arrival of a new Thai Provisor and a new Headmaster.


We look forward to bringing our experience and our willingness to make further progress in this beautiful establishment. To all of you, students, parents and staff, we wish you a very good start to the back to school year and an excellent 2019 – 2020 academic year.


Chananao VARUNYOU and Yvan SCHMITT