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Leaving school

The certificate of resignation and student’s file will only be handed over to the parents after checking by the accounting section that any unpaid balance has been already settled and that all the books have been returned.

Steps to apply :
  • Inform as soon as possible the registration section by e-mail : [email protected]
  • Check with the accounting section to be assured that you don’t owe any money to the school : [email protected]
  • Return all books to the school :

Please check the books before the last day of school of your child :
– Any damaged or lost of textbooks is charged THB 1000.
– Any damaged or lost of books lent by the library is charged THB 500.

Primary classes : return school textbooks to the teacher of the class and the books from the BCD library to Mr. Grolet : [email protected]
Secondary classes : return school textbooks and the books from the library to the librarian at CDI library : [email protected]

  • Come to pick up the school documents on the last day of school of your child between 8.00 – 11.30 a.m. or 1.30 – 3.30 p.m. (except Thursday, the Accounting service closed at 2 p.m.).

If you cannot come, your child can pick up the school file. The file will be given in exchange of the acknowledgement of receipt duly completed and signed by parents (one sheet per family).

  • Proceed to the accounting section to pick up the certificate of resignation (certificat de radiation).
  • Proceed to the secretariat office to pick up the school file :

– Primary : at the Primary School’s secretary office
– Secondary (except Terminales) : at the Headmaster’s secretary office
– Terminales : at the Examen service’s secretary office.

The primary school report can be downloaded from Educartable: https://www.educartable.com/

Secondary school report for the actual school year can be downloaded from Pronote (and must be printed by parents before the end of the school year).

When you pick up the student’s file, it is necessary to fill in the acknowledgement of receipt. We invite you fill it in, print it and bring it with you in order to fasten this process.

It is important for us because we may have some documents to send to you, for example, “certificat de Cambridge”, “diplôme du Brevet”, “diplôme du Baccalauréat”. Please give us your postal address that you are sure to receive our sending and your valid email address as your information priory given to the school will be deleted from our data base.

If you want to fill in by computer (highly recommended in order to avoid the error of sending) :

Acknowledgement of receipt (format word)

If you want to fill in by hand :

Acknowledgement of receipt (format pdf)