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Registration of a new student and / or maintenance of a student at the French International School of Bangkok implies the unconditional acceptance of the school financial rules.

The Comité de Gestion reserves the right to modify any time the financial conditions.

Steps to follow

Since the number of classes is determined on the basis of enrollment as at April 30th 2019, applications will only be considered depending on our availability.

If there are places available, after receiving our confirmation, you need to pay within 3 days 100% of registration fees 150,000 THB per student.

Families who filled in the pre-registration file but did not pay 100% of the registration fees, within 3 days after receiving our confirmation, will have the preregistration cancelled.

Due to the School holidays, applications made between July 19th and August 25th will be processed from August 26th.

1. Click on the link here below to fill in the pre-registration file online

Once your request is valid, an inscription number will be generated.
This number allows you to follow all the steps of the pre-registration file.

2. Send

– the preregistration file to : administration@lfib.ac.th

It is necessary to scan all the documents to be attached to the pre-registration form. Be careful, we do not accept the photographed documents.

The registration will be final after validation by the Headmaster, payment of the registration fee and providing of Certificate of resignation (Exeat) issued from the previous foreign school as well as the school orientation decision (passage in higher class certificate, reorientation, section for 1ere…)

To send at the moment of the pre-registration

Without these documents, the preregistration file will not be considered :

  1. Family record (pages of parents and child) or birth certificate. Plus, in case of divorce, official document of child custody is necessary. In case of joint custody, it is MANDATORY to provide a copy of the judgment of the court concerning the custody of the child as well as a WRITTEN AUTHORIZATION with signature of the parent who will not be in the country, stating the acceptance of the inscription of the student at the Lycée Français International in Bangkok. The contact
    details of the second legal guardian (email address) must be entered in the preregistration form
  2. Copies of both parents’ passports
  3. Health record (all vaccination pages)
  4. Certificate of attendance from previous school (for the actual class)
  5. Last school report

To send as soon as you received these documents from the actual as school

The preregistration will become the registration once we have received these documents

6. Certificate of resignation (Exéat or Certificat de fin de scolarité), if student comes from French system (copy)

7. School record: copies of the last 3 trimesters (school report (Bulletins) for Secondary / evaluation file (Livret d’évaluation) for Primary and if possible for Kindergarten) accompanied by “décision de passage” (a report proving that the student has passed the previous level).

For students in classes “Terminales” to register for the Baccalaureat exam

8. Result of the “Epreuves anticipées” from class 1ere (original)

9. Baccalaureate booklet if available (original)

10. For French national students ONLY: “Attestation de recensement” or Certificate of “participation à la Journée Défense et Citoyenneté (JDC) (copy)

3. If there are places available, after receiving our confirmation, you need to pay in 3 days at the latest 100% of registration fees 150,000 THB per student.

Example of registration fees :
1 child = 150 000 THB
2 children = 285 000 THB (10% discount)
3 children = 412 500 THB (15% discount)

Tuition fees are available for consultation as well as payment terms.

This payment confirms taking into account the pre-registration file.

Please send us your payment proof : comptabilite@lfib.ac.th

Please note that the file fees and the registration fees are not refundable.

Families who complete the preregistration process but did not pay 100% of the registration fees will have the preregistration procedure cancelled.

Families who follow all the steps of the preregistration will have a confirmed place for the school year 2018-2019.


In case of re-registration at the LFIB, this fee is not charged if the student has left the school for less than 24 months. But contrarily, if the student has left the school for 24 months or more, half of the registration fees must be paid. This timescale is calculated between the date of dropout and the date of (re)schooling. The re-registration fee will not be reimbursed and the file fee of 5,000 THB is required.

Click to download : specificites au secondaire au lfib 19 20
(document available only in French language)

Primary :


Enrollment for students from CP to CM2 who are not studying in the French school system have to take placement tests in French and mathematics.


Secondary :


Enrollment for students in secondary classes from 6ème to Terminale who are not studying in the French school system have to take placement tests in French and mathematics. Each test takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes per subject.


The placement tests also concern:

– students who have not followed the official programs of the French National Education,

– students who have not attended in public school in France, or private school in France that holds a contract with the French Ministry of Education

– students who have not followed the French curriculum through CNED (French National Center of Long-Distance Learning, whole school year),

– students who are not learning in a school holding a contract with the AEFE (French Agency for Education Abroad) or directly managed by the AEFE.


In order to pass these tests, it is necessary to pay the file fees (5000 THB / student). These fees is not refundable but will be deducted from the registration fees if students are accepted.

If you would like to know the French college programs in french subject, please click on the following link:


If you would like to know the French college programs in mathematics subject, please click on the following link:


The calculator is allowed for mathematics tests for the class 4ème, 3ème, 2nde and 1ère.

Students can take these tests at the LFIB.

Parents also have the possibility to find an institution that would accept to organize them from distance. These tests will be sent by scan to the organized institution and they must be returned to the LFIB by scan. These tests will be corrected by the LFIB teaching team. The results will then be communicated to the parents.

Principle: due to the difference between the south rhythm and the north rhythm, students will be registered in the same class of the school year that started in the south rhythm.

Exception: A move to the upper class is only possible if the headmaster of the actual school certifies in a written document (attestation) that the student has the level to move to the next class taking into account what was observed during the current school year. This certificate must be provided no later than June 30th, which is the equivalent of “avis de passage” of the north rhythm.


2019 – 2020 2020 – 2021
(sept 2019 – july 2020) (sept 2020 – juiy 2021)
Level Year of birth Level Year of birth
PS 2016 PS 2017
MS 2015 MS 2016
GS 2014 GS 2015
CP 2013 CP 2014
CE1 2012 CE1 2013
CE2 2011 CE2 2012
CM1 2010 CM1 2011
CM2 2009 CM2 2010
6ème 2008 6ème 2009
5ème 2007 5ème 2008
4ème 2006 4ème 2007
3ème 2005 3ème 2006
2nde 2004 2nde 2005
1ère 2003 1ère 2004
Tle 2002 Tle 2003

Kindergarten = PS MS GS

Primary = CP CE1 CE2 CM1 CM2

Secondary = 6ème 5ème 4ème 3ème 2nde 1ère Tle