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The LFIB accredited by
the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE)

Discover the strengths of the French educational system abroad. From kindergarten, offer your children the right to a multilingual path to become fully rounded students, global citizens engaged in the world of tomorrow.

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Visit the school

You can book a school tour visit which is organised every Wednesday at 9 a.m
(except during public holidays and school holidays).


The school will be available for visit from the 13th of September 2023

Primary reception team
Ms. Woratida SATIAN (Khun Prim), Kindergarten Secretary
Ms. Chuanphit KHAMDEE, Elementary Secretary

Secondary reception team
Mr. Yodkom PHUNLENG (Khun Champ), Mr. Wanchai THONGFUANG (Khun Wan), Ms. Patchara OUACHEE (Khun Maud) and Ms. Korakoch MAURY

We welcome new students at the beginning of the school year (beginning of September)
and during the year.

Admissions Procedure

4. Payment

Tuition and fees
Deadline of payment
Modes of payment

5. Admissions complete

When all the admissions steps are accomplished, your child is enrolled in the LFIB. You will receive a welcome mail within two days after the payment reception is confirmed.

School supplies and books

For more information on school supplies and books, please click here.

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