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Word from the Headmasters

Back to school letter 2020-2021


The administrative and pedagogical teams are very happy to welcome you for this new school year and wish you an excellent year 2020-2021.


Your choice of the Lycée Français International de Bangkok is proof of the confidence you have in the teaching staff and the reputation of the school. It is also, more broadly, a testament to the confidence you place in French education and your attachment to the exceptional network of the AEFE. Finally, it shows the confidence you place in the school in its management of the health crisis we are still going through. For many parents, this crisis has a strong economic impact, so we would like to thank them particularly for the efforts made for the schooling of their children.


On the pedagogical level, language teaching in primary school is deepened in English and enriched with the teaching of Thai. The British International Section is offered from CP to CM2 and for the first time in secondary school, in classes of 6ème and 2nde.


In secondary school, the reform of the lycée continues and reaches the final year as in all establishments in France and in the AEFE network. The eight speciality courses offered in 1ère and terminale complete an already very rich range of options (English in the European section and British International, German, Spanish, Mandarin and Thai in LVB, Latin and Greek).


The results of our students in the 2020 session of the exams are excellent with 100% success in the DNB (including 96% of mentions) and 100% success in the baccalaureate (including 91.1% of mentions). These results allow us to look forward with confidence to the new organisation of the Baccalaureate, its continuous assessment and the new “Grand Oral” exam.


The school project integrates the priority objective of the success and development of all our students, it also formalizes the importance of languages in our English-speaking environment. The teaching of English occupies an important place, the teaching is reinforced and diversified, the level reached by our students from primary school is excellent.


The success of our students rests on the exceptional investment of our teachers, it also rests, of course, on the interest, support, follow-up, support and encouragement of their parents.


In the context of a school with an agreement, the participation of parents is an asset. The Fondation Française pour l’Education, the managing body of the school, closely associates the Parents’ Association with the smooth running of the school, particularly in the control of budget execution, the regularity of financial management and the monitoring of expenditure commitments.


The APE also participates in numerous working committees covering, among other things, recruitment, contracts for outsourced services and finance.


The APE is also a member of the Board of Directors of LFIB which is the decision-making body of LFIB.


This status leads to a joint and complementary sharing of decisions for the smooth running of the institution. We call on all parent volunteers to put their skills at the service of the school, within the « Bureau de l’APE », the various commissions (finances, HR, communication) or in the pedagogical meetings (School Council, School Board), or as representatives of the parents of pupils in the different classes.


The management team is partly renewed with the arrival of a new School Manager, Mr Isadore REAUD who brings all his experience and skills. He will be responsible for all the agents who will be coordinated by a technical manager.


The administrative services are also partly reorganized in order to make them even more professional (creation of a new enrolment and school follow-up service, a Human Resources Manager, a Deputy Headmaster).


The school infirmary service has been reorganized with the recruitment of three qualified nurses, and a new service provider, Epicure, has been retained for school catering.


The end of the year was marked by official inspections, which recognised the quality of the work carried out in terms of prevention and compliance with the health standards in force. We can therefore envisage a resumption of face-to-face lessons with all classes from the beginning of September.


The cancellation of commercial flights to Thailand during the summer of 2020 will have some repercussions on the smooth running of the new school year. We will try to resolve the various situations and minimize the repercussions.


We look forward to bringing our experience and our willingness to further advance this fine establishment. To all, students, parents and staff, we wish a very good start to the new school year and an excellent academic year.


Chananao VARUNYOU and Yvan SCHMITT