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Word from the Headmasters

Head of School’s welcome for the New Academic Year 2021-2022


The administrative and academic teams of the LFIB are very happy to welcome you for this new academic year and wish you an excellent year 2021-2022.


Your choice of the Lycée Français International de Bangkok demonstrates the trust you have in the academic teams and the reputation of the school. In a broader sense, it is also a testament to the confidence you place in French education and your attachment to the exceptional network of the AEFE. Finally, it shows the confidence you place in the school in its management of the ongoing health crisis and in the implementation of distance learning (EAD).


Many parents have suffered a strong economic impact caused by this crisis. We realize this and would like to thank them in particular for the efforts made for their children’s education.


On the academic level, the teaching of English in primary classes is deepened and enriched with the teaching of Thai. The British International Section is proposed from CP to CM2 and for the first time in secondary school, in the classes of 6ème and 2nde.


In secondary school, the procedures for awarding the baccalauréat have been slightly modified and simplified. The speciality courses offered in 1ère (7 courses) and terminale (8 courses) complete an already very rich range of options (English in the European section and British International section, German, Spanish, Mandarin and Thai in LVB, Latin and Greek).


The results of our students in the 2021 session of the exams are excellent with 100% success in the DNB (including 98% of mentions) and 98% success in the baccalaureate (including 84% of mentions). These results allow us to look forward with confidence to the new organization of the baccalauréat, which also include a continuous assessment and the new “Grand Oral” exam.


Our new Institutional Academic Project (Projet d’Etablissement) integrates the success and development of all our students as its priority objective. It also formalizes the importance of languages in our English-speaking environment: the teaching of English takes an important place through its reinforcement and diversification of teaching. The level achieved by our students as early as primary school is excellent.


The success of our students rests on the exceptional investment of our teachers. It is also evidently made possible by the interest, support, follow-up and encouragements of the parents.


In the context of a school defined by a convention with the AEFE, the participation of parents is an important asset. The Fondation Française pour l’Education, which is the managing entity of the school, emphasizes the importance of the participation of the Parents’ Association (APE), particularly in terms of the control of budget execution, efficient financial management and the monitoring of expenditures. The APE also participates in several working committees covering, among other areas, staff recruitment, contracts for outsourced services and finance.


The APE is also represented in the Board of Directors of LFIB which is the main decision body of the school.


This status leads to complementary and joint decision-making which contributeto the efficient management of the school. We call on all parent volunteers to contribute their skills towards the running of the school through their involvement in the Office of the APE, the various commissions (Finance, HR, Communication, Cantine, Procurement, etc.), the meetings related to pedagogic affairs (Conseil d’Ecole, Conseil d’Etablissement), or to participate as student parent representatives in the different classes.


The management team has been partly renewed with the arrival of a new Primary School Headteacher, Mr Blaise FENART, and a new Director of Administration and Finance, Mr Christophe MONIER. Both of them already have experience in working in French education abroad and will be able to rapidly contribute their experience.


The deterioration of the health situation in Thailand will force us to adapt and change our practices. The quality of the dialogue with parents and our various working groups will be more important than ever.


We look forward to bringing our experience and our readiness to further advance this wonderful school. To all, students, parents and staff, we wish a very good start to the new school year and an excellent academic year.


Chananao VARUNYOU and Yvan SCHMITT