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School Development Plan

The LFIB school development project (Projet d’établissement) defines all the pedagogical choices and specific concrete actions that the school’s educational team intends to implement.

It is a shared process developed with the representatives of the educational community (teachers, Vie scolaire, agents, medical and social services, administration, management, students, parents). It expresses our collective endeavour and ensures that our actions are consistent with its values and the context of the school.

As a general policy statement for a three-year period, it specifies the means implemented to ensure the success of all students while involving parents in these objectives.

The school project takes into account
  • the students’ cultural and social characteristics and needs
  • the aspirations of the students (and their parents) with regard to their professional life and the pursuit of their studies
  • the social, cultural and economic contexts of the school, the environment in which the school is located