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School Fees


School year 2023-2024 Annual fee in Thai Baht
French / Thai / European Union citizens Other nationalities
Kindergarten (PS, MS, GS) 269 900 THB 340 000 THB
Elementary (CP, CE1, CE2, CM1, CM2) 269 900 THB 340 000 THB
Junior High School (6ème, 5ème, 4ème, 3ème) 333 700 THB 420 200 THB
High School (2de) 350 200 THB 440 300 THB
High School (1ère) 353 400 THB 444 300 THB
High School (Terminale) 394 000 THB 478 400THB
Registration fee (DPI)

Application fee

150 000 THB

5000 THB

Canteen Fee, compulsory for students from kindergarten to 3e level,
registration is required for high school students
Kindergarten/Elementary = 21 600 THB
Secondary = 23 200 THB
Registration fee for International Section (secondary school) and International French Baccalauréat (BFI) 20 000 THB

*Pending approval by the Ministry of Education.

The following expenses are not included in the school fees:

• school bus
• canteen fee which is compulsory for students from kindergarten to 3e level (however for high school students, registration is required)
• Extra-curricular (AES) and the registration fee to the Sports Association (AS)
• stationery (pens, compasses, rulers, colouring pencils, etc.) for the primary and secondary school, exercise books for the secondary school, dictionaries, grammar and reference books (the list is given to parents upon registration)
• examination fee of Cambridge and fees for optional subjects ‘apart from common-core syllabus’ such as LV1 other than the English course, LV2 other than German, Chinese or Spanish courses and LV3, which are payable to the CNED.