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Parents Testimonies

Mr Thierry
Father of a child scolarized in elementary school

“The LFIB provides quality education (well above many schools in France) with a qualitative and individualized approach. The mix of students (origins, religions), the importance of educational activities and sports also contribute to the good development and openness of the students.”

Mme Garnier
Mother of three students in Primary and Secondary school

“The LFIB provides quality and modern education with multiple vectors of growth for children encompassing various cultural and multimedia aspects. (Primary and Secondary). Congratulations for the focus on sports competitions to develop body and mind alike as well as for the exemplary coordination concerning language learning (either kindergarten or primary). Thanks to the LFIB, children are blossoming around a team of passionate, involved and caring adults. A great institution! “

Mme Dewavrin
Mother of two in Primary

“We have been longly wavering between the French and British educative systems and we do not regret our choice. Teachers adapt to the specificities of students (which is generally not the case in France), they are having a modern approach to educationl, are open-minded, accessible and available. “

Mr Björk
Father of a student in Primary

“Receiving a good education like the one given to our children at the LFIB is a key element for them to secure their future. For a non French-speaking family like ours, understanding the French education system has been an eye opener on the French-speaking world culturally and linguistically speaking. It’s a great added value that our childern as well as ourselves, the parents, will keep at mind during our private and professional lives.”