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Trip of the eco-delegates to Mechai Bamboo School

From January 22nd to 24th, the secondary school eco-delegates spent 3 days at Mechai Bamboo School (Buriram). This Thai school, with innovative pedagogy, educates its students, who come from rural backgrounds, in sustainable agricultural practices.

The LFIB students were trained in hydroponics, composting, in vitro culture… They also learned to graft lemon trees, compose rich and fertile soil, grow sprouted seeds, or became interested in mushroom cultivation.

During these 3 days, students also had the opportunity to help local communities implement sustainable actions (collecting waste in the village, preparing plantations…) and visited the vegetable garden of a hospital.

The trip allowed students to learn new practices, but also to create bonds and immerse themselves more in Thai culture (initiation to chair-ball…). Everyone returned delighted and enriched.

Students from the Bamboo School will visit LFIB during the school year, to immerse themselves in a different culture and help the eco-delegates implement new sustainable projects within the school.