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“Dis-Moi Dix Mots” 2024 edition

The project “Dis-moi dix mots” invites students to play and express themselves, in a literary and/or artistic form, around ten words chosen by the Francophone partners of the OPALE network (Francophone network of language policy and planning organizations). The theme for this year is sports.

The aim is to illustrate, based on a list of ten words gathered around a theme specific to each edition, the richness of the French language, its ability to evolve, and to designate all contemporary realities. This operation helps to create social connections in a territory by involving very diverse populations, sometimes far removed from cultural practices, in pedagogical, artistic, and/or playful projects.

This project took place throughout January 2024 at the BCD. Elementary school students who wished to participate worked on the 10 words proposed on this theme. They drew a character representing a sport from the Olympic Games and wrote one of the words proposed for the project on their production. The productions were displayed in front of the BCD.

A sports-themed game contest was also proposed. The two winners are Gabrielle Ryckaert (CM1B) and Alice Balay (CM1B). They each won a book. Congratulations to all participants!