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Workshop Introduction to Thai Language and Culture

Introduction to the Thai language and culture, a workshop organized for the new teachers and staff of LFIB for the 2023 school year, led by Thai teachers and volunteer guides from the National Museum, on Saturday, October 7, 2023.

The morning was dedicated to language workshops, which this year were designed for learning language in everyday life, in various situations, and for advanced-level communication, as some of our new teachers already have a good command of Thai.

In the afternoon, we visited the National Museum of Bangkok, exploring the history of Thailand, the art and religious architecture of the country from the Dvaravati era to the Ayutthaya era, a comprehensive account of Buddha’s life, as well as religious beliefs in Thailand. The Museum guides also presented to us the funeral chariots that have been used for all royal cremations.

A very productive and beautiful day, without rain and filled with positivity.