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Journée du Droit (Law Day)

On Tuesday, October 3rd, LFIB had the pleasure of welcoming Sébastien CAO, assistant to the regional liaison magistrate for Southeast Asia and the Far East based at the French Embassy in Thailand.

As part of the “journées du droit,” which this year focused on the theme of harassment at school, Mr. Cao and Mr. Yvon, the principal educational counselor, co-led presentations for the 4th and 3rd-grade classes.

The agenda included the legal handling of harassment situations, group analysis of situations, exchanges, and advice on dealing with harassment situations. The students were attentive and curious, allowing these presentations to provide essential insights for shaping the world of tomorrow.

At the end of the day, parents also had the opportunity to engage in a video conference with our two presenters, discussing in detail a topic that the LFIB educational community has chosen to invest in, with the aim of providing an environment conducive to the success and well-being of the students.