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CM1 Chess Tournament (2023 edition)

This year, the LFIB chess tournament was held on June 21, 2023 in the school’s gymnasium. It brought together 79 competitors from the CM1 classes.

This tournament follows an educational project organized by the teachers of CM1. The meeting was arbitrated by FIDE (International Chess Federation and co-organized with the “Red knight chess” club).

The budding champions battled it out over 5 rounds with 10 minutes of thinking time per player. The operating rules applied were those of international chess meetings.

The enthusiasm of the students for this activity was a pleasure to see!

The children all received a certificate of participation. The 3 best boys and the 3 best girls were rewarded with a cup. 7 medals were distributed to students who reached the other highest ranks in the general classification.

See you next year for a new edition!

CM1 teachers