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Writing competition 2023 for students from CE1 to CM2

Like every year, many students participated in the writing competition offered at the BCD in May 2023.

Here is this year’s topic: We are in September 2073, at the French International School in Bangkok. Noy is Thai and Vincent is French. Noy enters CE1 and Vincent in CM2. Imagine the return of Noy and Vincent to this school of the future. Tell how it goes in class, on the playground, in the canteen, at the BCD, etc. How many things have changed in 50 years!

A jury made up of CE1 and CE2 students met on May 22 to award 3 prizes for CM1 and CM2 students. Another jury made up of CM1 and CM2 students met on May 23 to award 3 prizes for CE1 and CE2 students. Alain Grolet, head of BCD, chaired these juries.

The winners received a certificate and a book as a gift. You can find here the texts of the First Prizes of each level.

A big congratulations to all the participants and of course to the 13 winners!