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24th Printemps des Poètes

A class of LFIB 5eme SI (Section Internationale) English Literature students have collaborated with the LFIB Art Department and the CDI to create a decorated standing presentation of their own poetry. Students wrote poems about nature (mountains, forests and the sea) and probed how Mother Nature exhibits a deeper and more mysterious underbelly. They then decorated the poems with some powerful artistic flair and great panache!

These collaborations come at a wonderful time! The 24th Printemps des Poètes https://www.printempsdespoetes.com/ runs from the 12-28th March 2022 and is a wonderful initiative kindly supported by the French Ministry of Education and other key sponsors. UNESCO’s World Poetry Day (21st March) initiative was also celebrated in LFIB. The importance of these two yearly events was a clear focus in terms of recent Teaching and Learning.

Well done to everyone involved!

printemps des poètes exposition 5ème
printemps des poètes exposition 5ème