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Homework support

Homework support is available for all students. Supervised by teachers, it is a time for students to get individual help and advice in a suitable working environment.

There are two sessions per school year:

– Session 1 : from Monday 25 September 2023 to Friday 16 February 2024
– Session 2 : from Monday 4 March 2024 to Friday 28 June 2024

This course is conducted in French for all elementary level classes (from CP to CM2).

Registration dates for homework support

Session 1 : from Monday 25 September to Friday 16 February 2024

Registration dates from 9 to 13 September at noon.

Registration are online via Eduka

Note: After the registration deadline, if there are not enough students, the course may be cancelled. Parents will be informed.

The transport service takes into account the leaving times of the additional services, including Homework Support, Extra-curricular activities, Workshops in French and English

Important note: If you have registered your child to an extra-curricular activity (AES) on the same day as homework support, please cancel the AES registration (contact AES : Narumol Sirisoponsuk / Khun Lek at [email protected]).