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Work at LFIB – Thai Regulation

To comply with the thai regulation about international schools, any applicant to a teacher position (resident or local) at the Lycée Français International de Bangkok will have to own a Bachelor degree (licence)

It is also necessary to own a teaching degree, or be the laureate of a national education contest, or to own a bachelor degree in education sciences, or to pass the thai qualification exam for education.

As of academic year 2015/2016, due to the increase of numerous fake diplomas, the thai authorities will ask any new recruitee to have his diplomas certified by the university that delivered them, within a 2 years period.

University’s validation letter will have to be written on headed paper, and will validate in a clear way that the employee passed the in question diploma. The letter will also validate the obtained honor level if any, and the date. It will have to be signed, and bear the stamp of the university, and to be sent to the Kurusapha, which delivers the teaching permit.

Resident teachers are permanent staff of the French Education Ministry www.aefe.fr on Nationale detached to the LFIB (for more information, please refer to the web site: www.aefe.fr)
Open positions will be released on-line on the AEFE’s web site by January.
Local recruited teachers may be titularized ones, and in that case have to be on lay-off status (no possible detachment)