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Welcome to Bangkok

Bangkok, capital of Thailand

Huge metropolis composed of buildings, shopping centres and sky-scrappers, Bangkok is Thailand’s economic centre. True factor of growth, it is a privileged location for families looking for new opportunities.

Grouping around 20 million inhabitants, it is one of Asia’s most populous metrepolis, spread over 1569 km2.

Dynamic city, located at South-East Asia’s crossroads, she is also a place where modernity and traditions get together. Everything to guarantee a rewarding expatriation.

In order to ease your integration into Thailand, the Bangkok Accueil association proposes you city discovery activities, run by French language speaking volunteers. Thanks to its correspondents and by district referents network all over the capital, this mechanism enables the new families to build an immediate network with their neighbours in order to address practical issues.

To keep you informed, French media such as Petitjournal (Bangkok edition), Gavroche Thailande, Expat.com, or thailande-fr.com cover the country’s news on a regular basis.

Facebook Groups, such as Lycée Français International de Bangkok, Blabla Bangkok or Français à Bangkok may give advice about daily life organization.

Some tips about Thai culture

In order to avoid any misunderstanding and unhappy cultural mistakes, you are highly advised to daily respect some traditions:

• Social Etiquette
Losing face is the worst thing that may occur to an Asian person, and particularly to a Thai person. Any demonstration of anger is looked as vulgar and distasteful.

• Welcoming each other’s
In Thailand people do not shake hands to greet each other, but they join their two hands in front of the face, in a praying gesture: this is called the ‘Wai’

• Social Hierarchy:
There is a very strong social and family hierarchy in Thailand. ‘Phu Yai’, are important persons opposite subordinate ones: the latter have to show deference to the former ones.

Thai people are deeply patriot. Criticizing their country is a major offence that should be avoided if you want to maintain good relations with your hosts. Radio and television broadcast the national anthem “kao rot tong chad” (salute to the flag) every day at 8am and 6pm.

Thai people do revere the Royal Family and any disparaging comments about the Royal Family Members are badly perceived, above all when they are coming from a foreigner.

Any Buddha’s representation, whatever its size or condition are is regarded as holy. You are strongly advised to never climb up a figure to take pictures, on penalty of a fine.

Body perception
For Thai people, the Head is regarded as the human body’s most noble part. This is the reason why, touching someone’s head is considered as a lack of savoir vivre. Opposite, Feet are regarded as the less noble parts. So, it is very impolite to show somebody or something with foot.