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School supplies and books


Textbooks are distributed to each student at the beginning of each scholar year.
All the textbooks must be covered by the parents and returned to the school at the end of the school year
or on the student’s last day at school.

Lists of textbooks (book covers/titles) of secondary classes 2021-2022
(6ème to terminale)

School supplies 2022-2023

Primary school

All students will be provided with notebooks and most class materials.
Parents need to prepare stationery and other items on the list.

Secondary School

Parents need to prepare stationery and other items on the list.
Each student must purchase the BOOKS listed below (book edition and ISBN number indicated) for in-class study, in addition to some books that can be borrowed at the CDI.

Where to buy books ?

French books, dictionaries and French scolar agenda can be found at the book shop Carnet d’Asie at the Alliance Française of Bangkok. You can order them on phone, by email or via Facebook. Special offers are reserved for the LFIB students.

Where to buy school supplies ?

Many products at local prices are available in stationery shops like B2S or Office Mate.

Online ordering service by LDE

This OPTIONAL service facilitates your purchase of « French » school supplies that are not easily found in Thailand. 

It concerns only secondary classes.

The ordered items will be delivered in individual packs and distributed directly to the students on the first day of school.

The service for 2022-2023 is now closed.

For the schoolyear 2022-2023, the service was open from May 17th to June 7th, 2022. The delivery of orders is scheduled for the end of August at the school.

This service is put in place by a collaboration between the elected parents of the APE and a group of voluntary parents.

Polo / Sport t-shirt / Cap

Each year, an LFIB polo, a sport T-shirt and a cap are offered to each student.

The polo is required for school trips and events.

The sport T-shirt is required during physical education courses.

Cap is required for every primary student during every outdoor activity.