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Project of the Institution – School Development plan 2017 – 2020

The Institution’s Project (Projet d’Etablissement) of the LFIB defines the whole academic choices as well as specific concrete actions that the educative team of the wishes to implement.

This approach is set up and shared with the members of the academic community (teachers, academic life, agents, medical and social service, administration, management, pupils, parents); it expresses their collective will and ensures the consistency of their actions in accordance with their values and the context of the Institution.

It is a general policy declaration lasting 3 years, which specifies the various actions in order to allow every pupils’ success and associate the parents in order to reach those objectives.

The Institution’s project takes into account:
  • cultural, social and student needs,
  • the aspirations of students (and their parents) in terms of career plans and the pursuit of their studies,
  • the social, cultural and economic reality of the school, the environment in which the school is located.


The educational council, chaired by the school headmaster, prepares the educational part of the Institution project. It is presented to the student’s representatives by the school’s management team during the first registration of the student.