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School catering

Food Safety

• LFIB relies on Sodexo’ skills. Sodexo is the world leader in the area of collective catering.
• In Bangkok Sodexo has partnerships with the Bangkok Hospital and with the Bumrungrad International Hospital, and in school domain. In AEFE’s establishments of the Asian area, it is present in Hong-Kong and Singapore.
• Composed of 20 persons, the Sodexo team proposes a safe cooking, with neither antibiotics nor additives (Mono Sodium Glutamate, preservatives,..) to the pupils.
• With regards to very strict specifications, Sodexo chooses its suppliers on precise criteria, and works in compliance with normalized hygiene standards (HACCP).
• Within a constant concern for food safety, any allergies have to be reported, so that the allergy doctor sets-up and individual hosting project, together with parents and LFIB.

• In the event of important allergies, families may be asked to provide a meal box.
• Sodexo guarantees nutless (any kink of nuts) and peanut less meals.

Catering organization


• Menus are elaborated by LFIB’s Sodexo manager, an ex-Chef, and by a certified nutritionist. Every month, they are studied and validated by the Canteen/Catering Commission.

• They are adapted to children’s nutritional needs, and are tasty, varied and balanced.

• In order to comply with food safety policy, meals are composed and cooked on-site.
• In a constant concern for traceability, the products used are mainly issued from Thailand. The canteen commission is regularly informed about the canteen suppliers and the standards they follow.
• Everyday, a balanced, attractive and identifiable menu (green smiley) is proposed to pupils. These suggestions are presented together with nutritional guidance, which are displayed on a screen within the large catering room.

• Special menus are proposed, once a month in average, on important Thai and French celebrations (Loy Kratong, Halloween, Christmas…) and on special events inside the establishment (exits, picnics).


Two catering rooms are available to the pupils :
• One catering room at Nursery school, hosting 170 pupils.
• One main catering room, hosting 260 pupils.

Meals service

In order to be accompanied on lunchtime, pupils are taken over by the educative team, by levels, according to their autonomy degree :

Nursery school

• At 11 am, the whole Nursery school pupils are accompanied by their teachers to the catering room, and are supervised by Nursery Assistants through the whole meal.
• A food-tray is ready to use, and is composed according to Sodexo’s food and sanitary instructions, in accordance with the Canteen commission.

• Served quantities are adapted to their age and can be served again on demand.
.Meal duration is about 30 aand 35 minutes
•At 8:00a.m. Nursery school children are served a dairy products, Viennese pastries or fruit snack.

Elementary school

• From CP, a self service daily proposes to every pupil :

-Vegetables: soups and season vegetables
-Carbohydrates: rice, potatoes, semolina, pastas, noodle soups
-Proteins: fish, shellfish, eggs, meat



• An unlimited mini salad’bar is also available, including:
– 4 raw vegetables
– 3 fresh fruits
– 3 mixed salads
– 3 different homemade sauces

• Elementary school pupils may get to the self-service by themselves. Menus fit their energetic needs.

• At 11 am, CP and CE1 pupils are accompanied by their teachers to the canteen.
• CE2 and CM2 pupils take responsibility by going to the canteen by themselves, from 11:30 am.

College and Lycée

• College and Lycée students have lunch according to their time table, which is set in order to allow them at least 30 minutes for lunch.

• Collation: a trolley is daily available on the 3:00 pm break and proposes:
– Fruit Juices 100% (THB 20)
– Sandwiches (THB 25)
– Viennese pastries ( butter croissant THB 30 and Chocolate bread THB 40)


All menus served are approved by a Sodexo nutritionist


• The canteen is mandatory for kindergarten to grade three pupils.

• The rates in effect for the 2019-2020 school year are as follows:
– Kindergarten students: THB 17,740 per year,
– Elementary students: THB 17,740 per year,
– College students: 19,019.50 THB per year.

For any request or further information, please contact directly the parents of the canteen committee at the following address: cantine.parents@lfib.ac.th

The canteen committee ensures, on behalf of the parents, the quality of the canteen service and mediates between the canteen manager and the parents.