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School catering

The LFIB has relied on the expertise of Epicure Catering Co. Ltd. to provide the LFIB canteen service since the beginning of September 2020.

Epicure is a leader in the international school catering sector, providing this service to over 40 international schools in Thailand and abroad.

Epicure Team

Food safety

• Epicure’s team of 25 people offers LFIB students healthy food, without antibiotics or additives (Monosodium Glutamate, preservatives, …).
• In order to ensure food safety, any allergy must be reported by the family. An individualized school life plan (Plan d’accompagnement individualisé – PAI) can be set up in collaboration with the parents and the LFIB.
• In the case of serious allergies, the family may be asked to provide a lunchbox.
• Hygiene and sanitation audits are carried out regularly by the Environmental and Health Department of the Wangthonglang District and the Thai Ministry of Health. These include checks for bacteria, fungal contaminants and chemical substances that may be present in ingredients. Sanitation controls are also carried out on the utensils used in the canteen and on the compliance of Epicure’s employees with hygiene rules.

Organisation of the school lunch

The menus

• In the menu of each day, Epicure offers to the students choices among the five essential groups of nutrients for their balanced diet: vegetables, grains and carbohydrates, proteins (meat, fish, eggs…), fruits, dairy products, without forgetting bread and water.
• The weekly menus are planned by a Franco-Swiss chef, a Thai associate-chef and a nutritionist. The menus are examined and validated by the Canteen Commission each month.
• Adapted to the dietary needs of the children, the menus are tasty, varied and balanced. In order to respect the food safety policy, the dishes are prepared and cooked on site.
• Every day, Epicure also prepares special dishes for specific diets – vegetarian and halal.
• Constantly concerned for traceability of all ingredients, Epicure selects suppliers according to precise criteria, with a guarantee of visibility and detectability of their products.
• Theme menus are offered once a month : Thai, French, international days or holidays.
• Epicure guarantees that all the meals are nut-free (all types) and peanut-free.

The canteen

There are two canteens at the LFIB:
• Kindergarten canteen
• Main canteen for the Elementary to the High School levels

The service

During lunchtime, students are supervised by an educational team according to their levels of autonomy.


• Kindergarten students are accompanied at 11.00 a.m. and at 11.30 a.m. by their teachers to the canteen and supervised by nursery assistants throughout the meal.
• The dishes are already prepared on their arrival. The menu is composed according to the food and health guidelines of Epicure and with agreement of the Canteen Commission.
• The quantity of food given is adapted to the age of the children and the dishes can be refilled upon request.
• A snack, consisting of dairy products, pastries and fruit, is served at 8 a.m. for kindergarten students.

Elementary school

• Elementary students have access to self-service, with menus adapted to their nutritional needs.
• Students in CP and CE1 are accompanied by their class teacher at 11:00 a.m. to the canteen.
• Students from CE2 to CM2 go to the canteen by themselves at 11.30 a.m.

Middle and High Schools

• Secondary school students go to lunch according to their schedule, which is adjusted to allow them at least 30 minutes for the meal.
• The canteen is not compulsory for High school students. Parents who decide that their child should use the school’s catering service for the whole school year must inform the Accounting Office. Students can also buy a ticket for any single meal at the Accounting Office.

Weekly menus are available on EDUKA’s homepage 


All the menus served are validated by an Epicure nutritionist.


• The canteen is mandatory for students from kindergarten to 3ème levels.

• The current annual fees for the school year 2020-2021 are as follows :
– Kindergarten : 21,175 THB (121 THB per meal)
– Elementary School : 21,175 THB (121 THB per meal)
– Middle School : 22,750 THB (130 THB meal)

For any request or further information, please contact directly the parents of the canteen committee at the following address: [email protected].

The canteen committee ensures, on behalf of the parents, the quality of the canteen service and mediates between the canteen manager and the parents.