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The LFIB has a paramedical health system, with qualified professionals.


The school infirmary is available to every pupil everyday from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm.
Sick children have to stay at home. Families of children suffering from a communicable or parasitic recognized disease will have to immediately warn the establishment, and to comply with any exclusion measures in accordance with the local authorities’ guidelines, or as mentioned in the guide of procedures to be applied in the event of a communicable disease in a children’s community.

A medical certificate mentioning the resuming date will systematically be asked for before school return.

Sick – or wounded (even slightly) – children have to inform their teachers or the school yard acting school teacher or the ‘Vie Scolaire’ Office. The Headmaster or CPE are informed.

In case of minor health concern, the teacher or nurse offers elementary treatments.

In case of major problem, children are directed to a close to school hospital, with the presence of an LFIB’s adult, and his parents are immediately warned.

In case of chronic disease, a “Projet d’Accueil Individualisé” (Individualized Reception Project) will have to be set up jointly with the doctor and the parents. This PAI will also be signed by the whole school’s actors.

No children must detain medicines, which will have to be directly given to the nurse. Teachers are not allowed to dispense medicines.