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Foires et marchés du temps jadis

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In France as in Thailand, market places are full of life. Ever since the Middle Ages, fairs have taken place in regions like Champagne or Brie. They sold multi-colored cloth, drapes or pottery but also livestocks, which had to be kept outside of the city walls after the big plague outbreaks. The town center comes to life on market days.

In Thailand, markets are called “dtalaat”, they mostly came to exist along the riverside. They are floating markets where vendors bring fruits, flowers, vegetables, meat and prepared meals, by boat, and have now become essentially tourist spots. Thus, tourists still visit the floating market of Khlong Hae, in the south of Thailand, next to Hat Yai, as it is the first and only floating market of its kind in the region.

Elina FONG, 4eme C