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Afterschool activities rules

1. Afterschool activities registrations are opened twice a year. Children are then enrolled for a whole session, within the activity (ies) they are registered to. Some activities may need a yearly registration. Activities list may be read here.

2. Afterschool activities registrations must imperatively be done during the dedicated time. This time is communicated by AES’ Manager. Past the date, no registration requirement will be validated, except those from parents whose children joined the LFIB after school entry. In that case, charging is done according to the remaining number of sessions.

3. A non-registered child, or whose registration won’t be paid on due date, will not be allowed to enter the foreseen activity.

4. Activities’ fees take into account the event of one cancellation per session. This cancellation is at trainers’ or at LFIB’s discretion, and none at parents’ one. . Beyond one cancellation per session, a refund and/or credit note on the registration of the children concerned during the next session may be granted in proportion to the number of not completed sessions.

5. In case of parents’ requirement of an activity cancellation, no reimbursement will be allowed one the three (3) first sessions are done. Below three sessions, reimbursement will be done according to the accomplished number of sessions.

6. One two (2) hours duration activity may be reduced to one (1) hour if the number of registered pupils is poor. A fee review will be done.

7. On registration closure, an activity may be cancelled if number of registered pupils is too poor.

8. If at the end of registration process, some activities have not reached the maximum number participants, each student may register to an additional activity based on the number of available places.

9. Pupils have to respect LFIB’s school rules as afterschool activities are located inside the lycée..

10. The Afterschool Activities Committee may reserve the right to refuse access to an activity to any pupil who disrupts its progress or does not respect the LFIB’s Internal Rules. The exclusion will be effective after two warnings and immediate in the event of serious misconduct. No refund will be granted.

11. It is not the responsibility of Afterschool Activities to find places in school shuttles for students who cannot participate in their activity(ies). Parents should pick up their child(ren) after school and/or contact the transport service. During their waiting period, the Afterschool Activities are not responsible for supervising children.

12. Parents will be warned of any modification of the normal processing of an activity by e-mail.