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Le Palais du Louvre et ses pyramides

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We often find the pattern of the pyramid in architecture and in art. The pyramids served as tombs for Egyptian pharaohs or as the foundations of the Aztec temples in Mexico.

The three pyramids presented in this photograph of the Louvre museum are works of two artists.

Pei, a sino american artist, was commissioned to make the larger pyramid, made of glass and metal, which was inaugurated in 1989.The two smaller pyramids were envisioned by a street artist, nicknamed JR, who in 2019 projected an optical illusion of a collage made of several hundred paper strips.

But these two pyramids are covered due to a photo montage of compositions of Thawan Duchanee who is a renown thai plastician.The triangle is a worshipped figure among artists,that symbolises life and buddhism. This style of art is voluntarily overwhelmed, being a mix of mystical human figurines, strange creatures and images of buddha.The golden tint reenacts the gold leaf used in the buddhist scriptures that accentuate the sacred works.

Mina PRIEUR, 3eme A