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D’Étretat à Phang Na : une rêverie littorale…

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  • D’Étretat à Phang Na : une rêverie littorale…

Those sure are strange coastal and island landscapes ! Although they may be far apart from one another,they are touristic places and are associated with famous books and films. Étretat borders the English Channel, on the Alabaster coast. Its cliffs and greyish pebble beaches are as well known as its three large white chalk arches. The Porte d’Aval shown here, is where one of the stories on Arsène Lupin is set, the gentleman thief created by the writer Maurice Leblanc and recently played in a series by the actor Omar Sy.

Let’s go now to the west coast of Thailand, in Phang Nga Bay, in the Andaman Sea. KhaoPhing Kan is a famous pair of islands because of its appearance in one of theJames Bond movies. The nail-shaped island is called Ko Tapu. today, If we approach James Bond Island by boat, it is forbidden to come close to Ko Tapu, in order to stop the erosion of limestone rocks from the waves made by boats.

Let’s continue our journey and reach the province of Krabi and its cliff-like limestone islands. The island of Koh Poda Nok is famous for its chicken shape; it is also called Koh Kai.