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La France des paysages et terroirs gastronomiques

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When Kosa Pan landed in Brest, he crossed all of western France to reach Versailles. It enabled him to discover some of the landscapes that make up the richness and diversity of the country which has on its metropolitan territory, equivalent to that of Thailand,a wide variety of natural and urban environments that attract the greatest number of visitors in the world. France has several large natural landscapes on its various seafronts, from the North Sea to the Mediterranean Sea via the Atlantic Ocean. The mountain landscapes are also magnificent. The French Alps have 24 peaks over 4,000 meters high, while the Pyrenees peak at over 3,000 meters. The Massif central inAuvergne counts no less than 80 volcanoes, fortunately no longer active! The French forests are home to fauna and flora that represent a compendium of European biodiversity. Certain rural and agricultural landscapes such as the Norman bocage, the vineyards, which are found in many regions, and the lavender fields of Provence are often specific to France. The urban and monumental heritage, some emblematic examples of which are represented here, such as French gardens and rural villages are just as emblematic. Landscapes generally go hand in hand with terroirs where the history of French gastronomy is rooted. Some culinary specialties are therefore represented on the central menu. Will you recognize some of them ?