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Signature du premier traité franco-thaïlandais

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The illustrated calendar or almanac of the year 1687, marked a major event that occured the previous year : the alliance between the kingdom of France and Naraï the Great, king of Siam, the ancient name given to Thailand, following exchanges launched back in 1673.

Louis the XIV, also known as The Sun King thus reached out to the Siamese ambassador Kosa Pan. France intended to extend its influence in Asia, while Thailand seeked for a strong ally in Europe. The French were very impressed by Kosa Pan, just as much by his character than his clothing.

This first alliance between France and Siam will have numerous developments. It also reminds us that Thailand is the oldest partner of France in Asia. Diplomatic voyages represent an important part of the foreign relations between the two countries.

Jintrakarn KOSHPASHARIN, Tle B