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Afterschool activities

Afterschool activities (Activités Extra-Scolaires – AES) are proposed to pupils/students from Nursery to Terminale sections. Organized after courses, those chargeable activities offer a large workshops choice, in various areas: sports, games, arts, culture, etc.

Registration to afterschool activities

These activities take place inside the establishement, on opening hours (except for some sportive activities concerning 3ème-Terminales).
One coordinator and about 40 persons (trainers, assistants and supervisors) are working for this service, which proposes about 30 different activities.

Two sessions are opened per school year:

session 1 : from October leave to February leave

session 2 : after February leave to mid-June

You are kindly requested to look at the activities which are proposed during the first session in order to register.

Activities calendar and their prices are also available on-line available on-line.

Registrations to the afterschool activities second session will be open from January 20th at noon to January 27th at noon.

You will receive your registration validation, as from January 28th through your dedicated AES space.

The deadline of the payment will be on Februay 10th.

Activities will begin as from March 2nd.

  • As the registration period is short, no reminder will be sent.
  • Entries made by email will not be processed.
  • Priority is given to the first registrants.
  • Some activities need to reach a minimum of participants. If it is not reached, the activity will be canceled.
  • Payment deadline: October, 4thSchedule changes due to EAS are taken into account by the transport provider.