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Illustration competition : Le Prix des Incorruptibles

The Prix des Incorruptibles is one of the youth literary prizes. This school year the students of CE2 and CM2 of the LFIB took part. They read the books offered by the association and vote for their favorite book.

Accompaniment on the reading of these books and activities are offered at the BCD: a reading book to be completed with a glossary on each book to help understanding, a reading quiz to assess the understanding of each book read, a quiz Contest on all the books of the selection (made online) and an illustration contest.

The illustration contest takes place in April. It’s individual.This year, 18 years CE2 and CM2 by LFIB and on a participating basis.

Each participant chooses one of the subjects of his reading level and illustrates it with the techniques of his choice: pencils, pastels, markers, paint, etc. The productions are submitted in France where a jury of illustrators and authors choose the winners according to the adequacy of the drawing to the imposed subject (excerpt from the book to be illustrated) as well as the originality of the illustration.

On May 30, 2023, the winners will be named, will be able to protect the environment and the drawings will be published on the Incorruptibles website. The winners will receive goodies as well as two books each.

For information, 9051 drawings were sent to the Prix des Incorruptibles association last year, for 10 to 15 winning drawings per level. In 2020/2021 will be a class of CM2 of the LFIB and will take place in competition.