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World AIDS Day 2022

On the occasion of World AIDS Day, December 1, many actions took place throughout the week:

  • Volunteer students participated in a collective weaving work on the fence of the courtyard at the beginning of the week.
  • The students of seconde prepared posters in science class which are displayed in the hall of the secondary building. They then worked on the social and historical context of AIDS by watching the film Philadelphia with their English teachers and also discussed in Economy and Social Science class the mode of action of organized civil societies, taking the example of AIDS.
  • As for the student of troisième, they took part in an affective and sexual education session on the theme of preventing AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases. They will  also visit the Phra Bath Nam Phu temple which treats people with AIDS on December 12.
  • The students of terminale received a sexuality education session on the theme “info intox on sexuality” where sexually transmitted diseases were treated.