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Superb 1st Place at the GBAC Basketball Tournament.

The tournament taking place during the holidays, it was with a squad of only 7 players that the team went to Brigthon College this Wednesday, November 2. The mission therefore promised to be difficult but not impossible for this group.

In the first group match, a 9-5 victory against DBS launched the tournament perfectly.

Unfortunately, in a total breakdown of efficiency, the LFIB lost the second match 6-10 against TSIS.

Therefore a victory against SPIP in the third match became imperative to finish first in the group and reach the final. The boys remobilized perfectly and responded with an effective defense and the return of a good address. A tight 10-8 but well-deserved victory.

The final was played against an undefeated ANS team with a fearsome attack. However, the boys did not shake and it was with an aggressive defense coupled with beautiful attacking movements that the victory was won in perfect control from start to finish: 13-9.

Congratulations to the 7 players and their coach for this very beautiful title. Thank you to the supporters who came to encourage them and finally a special mention for the best player of the tournament, captain Thomas SERENE.