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The LFIB obtains the “EFE3D” – Level 2 label.

The LFIB has been committed to a sustainable development approach for several years. Education for sustainable development is an integral part of the school project and school programs, which allows students to understand the major global issues.

With this in mind, eco-delegated students, from CM1 to terminale, are actors in the process, represent their classmates and are proactive around projects related to the three interconnected pillars of sustainable development:

  • The environmental pillar
  • The social pillar
  • The economic pillar

On the other hand, an E3D commission takes place several times a year and brings together interested actors (teaching and non-teaching staff, outsiders) to act in favor of sustainable development. In addition, training was provided to certain staff for more innovative practice.

This E3D approach is now integrated into the operation of the establishment. Thus, after analysis of the strategy developed by the LFIB to be an establishment in the process of sustainable development, the EFE3D level 2 label was awarded to the establishment by the AEFE.