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Visit of CM1 at Suan Pakkad Palace

In May, all the pupils of CM1 visited the Suan Pakkad Museum (http://www.suanpakkad.com) to discover the local culture and history. 

After preparatory work on various aspects of Thai culture such as instruments, houses and the Khôn, the pupils discovered all these elements (and many others) during the visit which took place on the morning of 20 May for some classes and on 27 May for others.

The palace was originally the residence of Prince Chumbhotpong Paripatra (1904-1959) and his wife, who transformed it into a museum, opened in 1952. It has four traditional houses, connected by a covered gallery. Its collection of traditional pavilions is one of the best examples of traditional domestic architecture in the city. The lacquer pavilion, the most spectacular, is over 450 years old.