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The LFIB team comes second in the French section of the European Statistics Competition!

Congratulations to the team of three students from Terminale B – Eléa B, Ennoïa D, and Jintrakarn K – who has just been awarded second place in the French section of the European statistics competition organized by INSEE!

Their work of selection, formatting and analysis of raw statistical data on the theme of the economic and social effects of the Covid-19 crisis convinced the jury despite a tough competition since more than 50 teams were still running at this stage of the competition.

These 3 students will now have the chance and the honor to represent France against the two best teams from each European Union member country during the final stage of the competition. They will have to produce a 2-minute video to answer the following question: “What do the official statistics tell you about your country’s environment?”

Good luck to them!

Have a look at the slideshow that earned them a second-place here.
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