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Pedagogical advisory mission

On March 14 and 15, LFIB was honored and pleased to welcome Mr. Gilles ALMOSNINO (AEFE Delegate Coordinator and Head of the Asia Sector) and Mrs. Carole DURAND-PASSEDROIT (Assistant for School Organization for the Asia Sector). Meetings were held with the different actors of the school community (management, students gathered in CVL, staff representatives, parents’ representatives elected to the Conseil d’Etablissement and the APE Bureau), and the French Embassy.

We also welcomed Mr. Alain CAMUS (Pedagogical Advisor to the IEN) who was accompanied during the pedagogical animations and class visits by Mr. Blaise FENART, Director of the primary school.

Mission de conseil pédagogique mars 2022
Mission de conseil pédagogique mars 2022