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Amélie Bhuiyan finalist in ASIBA Poetry Competition

One of the aims of our teaching English Language and Literature is to develop a lifelong love for all manner of texts- this can be receptive (analytical skills) or productive (creating meaning/writing texts). Over the last few months 2 Lit SIB has been looking at English Poetry. Their work has also included the construction and writing of their own poems.

ASIBA (Association des Sections Internationales Britanniques et Anglophones) run an annual Poetry Competition and this year the 2021 theme was ‘Masks’.

26 schools participated with over 100 poets competing in Junior and Senior Sections. Standards were extremely high this year with a range of powerful poems submitted for judging.

A poem by Amelie Bhuiyan (2nde C) was entered into the Junior (Troisième/Seconde) Section. Her work made it to the final! As one of 8 finalists in her Section, her poem was finally scrutinized by Dr. Celia O’Donovan, OIB Cambridge Inspector and overall judge.

Although her poem did not win, to be nominated as a finalist in this prestigious competition is a great effort! It is Interesting to note that her poem is the only one that made the final from a Lycée /School outside of Europe. Well done Amelie!

Amelie’s poem and that of the other finalists can be found on the ASIBA Website but is published here online for you to enjoy!

For further information on ASIBA and the Poetry Competition: https://www.asiba.fr/activities_/asiba-activities-and-projects-2/

THE KNIGHT by Amelie Bhuiyan (2C)
I walk into the hospital,
Greeted by a familiar scene
I hear soft murmurs and a sniffle
The room disinfected, sterile, clean.
Shrugging off my coat, I put on my scrubs
The stifling tightness of my mask,
The sharp snap of latex gloves
The nurses go to battle, no questions asked.
Let me present the first brigade
Overworked and overburdened,
Understaffed and underpaid
Always chivalrous and determined!
When will the battle ever end?
When will the virus be defeated?
When will the wounds heal and mend?
When will the patients be cured, treated?